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Getting to Heidelberg

. . . by air

Heidelberg is a convenient approx. 1-hour drive from Frankfurt/Main International Airport. There are several options to get from the airport to Heidelberg.

  • Take the train to Heidelberg via Mannheim (see also below "... by rail"). From the arrival gate, go to one of the Airport Railway Stations. The long-distance train station is on Level 3 of the AIRail Terminal. See also the Airport Map.
  • Another option is to take the “Lufthansa Bus” (the bus stop is located in front of Terminal 1, Section B) to Heidelberg or Mannheim/Heidelberg (destinations vary according to the time of day). The bus will drop you off at the Crowne Plaza in Heidelberg. From there you can take a taxi to the Studio at Villa Bosch (approx. 15 minutes and 15). Note that reservations for the Lufthansa Bus need to be made a few days ahead. The cost of this bus is approx. 22 one way or 40 round-trip.
  • Alternatively,  you can use a rental car to get from the airport to Heidelberg (see below).

. . . by rail

Take the train to Heidelberg Hauptbahnhof (main station, IC/ICE or EC connections) or change at Mannheim Hauptbahnhof, where there are regular connections to Heidelberg (the ride from Mannheim to Heidelberg takes between 10 and 20 minutes depending on the connection). From there you can get a taxi to the Studio at Villa Bosch (see below).

For Train tickets and information about train departures/arrivals have a look at  Deutsche Bahn. Please note that there are usually two types of tickets offered, "savings fare", and "standard fare". A "savings fare" ticket is train-specific, so the day and time of travel is fixed, and your ticket is invalid for use with any other train, e.g., if you need to take a later train due to a delay in your flight. The "standard fare" ticket is more flexible and can be used for any connection.

. . . by car

Take the autobahn to “Heidelberger Kreuz” (cloverleaf at the intersections of autobahn 5 and autobahn 656). Autobahn 656 takes you directly into Heidelberg. As the autobahn ends, turn left at the first traffic light and then right at the next traffic light (“T” intersection”. You will now be on route B 37. Stay on this road for approx. 5 km, passing the Heidelberg city center on your right and following the River Neckar on your left. As the downtown area ends and you pass a traffic circle on your right (“Karlstor”), watch for a sign to "Carl Bosch Museum" after several hundred meters. Follow the sign, turning right off route B 37 and cross over the railway tracks. Then turn left and drive along “Am Rosenbusch” and “Hausackerweg”, steep streets which lead upwards in a serpentine. “Hausackerweg” merges into “Schloss-Wolfsbrunnenweg” at the Hotel Atlantic. Turn left, following the "Carl Bosch Museum" sign onto “Schloss-Wolfbrunnenweg”. The gateway of the Studio at Villa Bosch is located 300 m further on your left.


Getting around in Heidelberg

. . . by bus and taxi

At the taxi call box (Ruftaxi) at the Heidelberg main train station or at Bismarckplatz (city center), you can dial 06221/302030 to order a taxi to take you to “Hausackerweg”.
You can get a bus at the tram stop at the side entrance of Heidelberg’s main station. From there, take bus #33 to “Hausackerweg”. From Bismarckplatz, take bus #33 or #35 to “Hausackerweg”. These routes are served by the Rhein-Neckar public transportation association on a daily basis, including Saturday and Sunday. The bus ride takes approximately 20 minutes. Once you have arrived at “Hausackerweg”, use the taxi call box (Ruftaxi) to get a taxi to the Studio at Villa Bosch.

For Information about tram and bus departures/arrivals have a look at VRN.


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