SSDBM 2013 International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management

Call for papers

We solicit papers describing original work relevant to the management of scientific and statistical data and not published or under review elsewhere. SSDBM submissions can be of two kinds:

Research papers

We solicit papers up to 18 pages LNCS style (click for guidelines), which will be accepted either as full papers or as short papers. The former will tend to be descriptions of complete technical work, while the latter will tend to be descriptions of interesting, innovative ideas, which nevertheless require more work to mature or descriptions of interesting applications with high practical value. There is no distinction at submission time; the distinction will be made at reviewing time and authors will be informed about the decision. *Both* full and short papers will be given a presentation slot in the conference, while some or all of the short papers may be presented as posters. All papers, regardless of size, will be given an entry in the conference proceedings.

Demonstration papers

We solicit demonstration submissions up to six pages LNCS style which should provide the motivation for the demonstrated concepts, the information about the technology and the system to be demonstrated (including a system description, functionality and figures when applicable), and should state the significance of the contribution. Selection criteria for the demonstration proposals evaluation include: the novelty, the technical advances and challenges, and the overall practical attractiveness of the demonstrated system.