[Developers] tpl2rem sensitive to dos/unix line endings

Arni Magnusson arnima at hafro.is
Sat May 2 17:44:03 PDT 2009

I'm using ADMB 9.0.202 for GCC 4.2.4 on Linux64.

The tpl2cpp program is not sensitive to dos/unix line endings:

   $ dos2unix simple.tpl; tpl2cpp simple # ok
   $ unix2dos simple.tpl; tpl2cpp simple # ok

The tpl2rem program, on the other hand, is:

   $ dos2unix simple.tpl; tpl2rem simple # ok
   $ unix2dos simple.tpl; tpl2rem simple # Error in line 1 while reading

Robustness to dos/unix line endings is a major advantage, making it easier 
for people to exchange TPL files without worrying about what operating 
system the other people are using. I have more than once wondered why an 
existing ADMB-RE model wouldn't compile, before realizing it had dos line 

Since tpl2cpp can handle dos line endings, tpl2rem should be able to. It's 
easy enough to search for "while reading" in remod11 and comment out the 
exit(1) call, but that's probably not an acceptable patch.

Does anyone know how to make tpl2rem robust to dos/unix line endings? I've 
also tried ADMB 9.0.202 for GCC 3.4.5 on Windows, and its tpl2rem handles 
both dos and unix line endings without a problem.



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