[Developers] Issue 62 in admb-project: Use standard filenames for tpl2cpp and tpl2rem.

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Tue May 5 17:10:05 PDT 2009

Status: Accepted
Owner: jnancheta
Labels: Type-Enhancement Priority-Medium Milestone-Milestone3

New issue 62 by jnancheta: Use standard filenames for tpl2cpp and tpl2rem.

flex < tpl2cpp-mod22.lex
sed -f tpl2cpp-mod22.sed > tpl2cpp.c
gcc tpl2cpp.c -o tpl2cpp

flex < tpl2rem-mod11.lex
sed -f tpl2rem-mod11.sed > tpl2rem.c
gcc tpl2rem.c -o tpl2rem

Best to remove -DUX option and use either predefined windows or unix macro.

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