[Developers] ADMB-IDE licensing

Arni Magnusson arnima at hafro.is
Thu May 14 12:22:18 PDT 2009

This licensing is not an enjoyable topic, but compulsory education for the 
ADMB development team, I guess. Now, regarding the licensing of ADMB 
itself, the current admb/trunk/LICENSE talks about

   general terms of the "BSD" license

while admb/trunk/LICENSE.txt talks about

   general terms of the "New BSD" license

and the manual talks about

   general terms of the "New Free BSD" license

The manual also uses the spelling "licence" and "license" on the same 


According to http://opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.php, BSD licenses 
comes in two flavors:

1. The BSD License. It has three clauses, although before 22 July 1999 it 
had four. Synonyms include "The Modified BSD License" and "The New BSD 
License", but they are not very descriptive, since there exists another 
version that is also modified and new:

2. The Simplified BSD License. It has two clauses. Synonyms include "The 
FreeBSD License". The difference is that people would be allowed to use 
the names of UC, Otter Research, and the ADMB Foundation to promote 
derived products.

Shouldn't we converge to either "The BSD License" or "The Simplified BSD 
License". The latter offers beauty with simplicity, unless the promotion 
issue is relevant. The Simplified BSD License is what today's main BSD 
system (FreeBSD) uses, so it's no minor offshoot.



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