[Developers] Dotted path issue

Arni Magnusson arnima at hafro.is
Sun May 31 20:12:38 PDT 2009

This is not a big problem, but probably worthy of an issue number. If the 
path contains dots (see Shige's example below), and the user types the 
full path of the executable (as admb-mode was doing), then the model won't 

First create two folders, called c:/simple and c:/x.y, both containing 
simple.exe. Now navigate to the directory and type the full path of the 
executable instead of just 'simple':

   cd c:/simple

works, but

   cd c:/x.y


This is the behavior of ADMB both in Windows and Linux. It can cause 
problems with makefiles and other automated methods.


On Mon, 1 Jun 2009, Arni Magnusson wrote:

> Fixed in admb-mode 3.2, see 
> http://admb-project.org/community/editing-tools/emacs/admb.el/view
> Users familiar with Emacs byte compilation should update to admb-mode 
> 3.2, which runs Shige's example without a problem. Other ADMB-IDE users 
> will have to avoid dotted paths (like c:/my.dotted.path/simple) until 
> ADMB-IDE 3.4.5-5 comes out.
> Dotted paths are mangled by ADMB rather than admb-mode or ADMB-IDE, and 
> this will be added to the list of ADMB issues.
> Thanks, Shige, for spotting this!
> Arni
> On Mon, 1 Jun 2009, Shige Song wrote:
>> I have tried both the all-in-one windows installer and the manual setup 
>> files for Linux. The windows installer worked out of box; most of the 
>> Linux installation also worked, except for the last step.
>> After copying the "admb.el" into my Emacs path, copying the three scrip 
>> files into my system path, and adding stuff in .emacs in my own .emacs, 
>> I was able to translate the .tpl files and build executables; but when 
>> I tried to run the executables, I got error message:
>> "Error trying to open data input file /home/shige/bin/admb-9.dat
>> Error trying to read in model data
>> This is usual caused by a missing DAT file "
>> The correct data file the executable should be looking for is 
>> "home/shige/bin/admb-9.0.202/examples/admb/simple/simple.dat".
>> Many thanks for this great tool.
>> Best,
>> Shige

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