[Developers] linear algebra (matrix algebra)

Arni Magnusson arnima at hafro.is
Thu Jun 17 09:36:30 PDT 2010

I experimented with Saang-Yoon's example and also reached the m(1,1) 
solution that Dave points out, but wanted to hear from someone more 
experienced whether that was the best way.

Do you know if it would be easy and sensible to implement a DWIM (do what 
I mean) coercion here, where

   named_dvariable& operator = (_CONST dvar_matrix& m);

would check if the matrix is 1x1 and then return the (1,1) element as 
dvariable, otherwise return an error?

I think Dave's design, that Matrix*Matrix should always return Matrix, is 
what most users want. But we could still implement the coercion that 
Saang-Yoon expected to work, right?


On Thu, 17 Jun 2010, dave fournier wrote:

> a matrix times a matrix returns a matrix even if it is 1x1.
> (I'm not checking for this case). If it is 1x1
>          !!sC=(trans(mA)*mB)(1,1);
> should do the trick for you.

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