[Developers] glmmADMB download statistics

Hans J. Skaug Hans.Skaug at math.uib.no
Sat Dec 31 00:59:14 PST 2011

ADMB Developers,

We get the impression that many people use the
ADMB based R package, but R-forge does 
not providede online download statistics.
They nevertheless did a (one-month) manual grep for us:
for December I get
o Linux (grep -r ".tar.gz" . | grep -i "glmmadmb" | wc -l)
o Windows (grep -r ".zip" . | grep -i "glmmadmb" | wc -l)
o Mac (grep -r ".tgz" . | grep -i "glmmadmb" | wc -l)
Probably there are multiple downloads per person, but
nevertheless these are encouraing numbers. It shows
that ADMB has a great potential as the engine
of R packages. Maybe we should put
up some info on the webpage about how to make such R packages. 

And finally, I do not think the numbers would have been
so high if it wasn't for the user support Ben, Molly and Dave are providing.

Happy new year!


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