[Developers] palallel processing with MPI

John Sibert sibert at hawaii.edu
Thu Jul 7 14:01:01 PDT 2011

Trying to compile catage, I get ‘mpi_manager’ is not a member of 
‘ad_comm’ which is true.
The class ad_comm is declared fvar.hpp (at least in our version).
The class mpi_manager is declared in admodel.h in the code you sent, but 
it is not a member of ad_comm in the code you sent. Did you also change 

Which is not a big deal, but raises the question of where is the best 
place for this stuff. It might be better to associate it with the 
autodif library so it would be of more general use?

If I understand the ad_comm constructor correctly, it creates and starts 
1000 slave processes which do nothing until they receive some data?


On 07/03/2011 05:55 AM, dave fournier wrote:
> Hi lazy people!
> I have implemented parallel computation of the Hessian using open mpi.
> I did it with my old code base because I have it set up better for 
> debugging.
> There are only a small number of file to change however. I attached a 
> zip.
> The slaves write their part of the Hessian into their own temporary files
> with _slavenumber appended. This will have to be done for all the 
> temporary files
> since in the simple implementation all processes are in the same 
> directory.
> The main work is to write all the functions to pass autodif types back 
> and forth.
> I have made a beginning.
> Onced you install openmpi the makefile needs to be modified to include
> the write compile flags for openmpi. see the openmpi docs concerning
> the mpicxx -showme:compile and -showme:link options
> By extending this stuff a bit we shold be able to parallelize problems 
> like Mollie's pond model
> to speed it up a lot (hopefully).
> Feedback would be welcome. I'm off hiking for 4 days tomorrow.
> Dave
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