[Developers] [ADMB Users] The slow destruction of ADMB

Hans J. Skaug Hans.Skaug at math.uib.no
Mon Jan 2 23:02:52 PST 2012


Dave has pointed to an extremely important point (about what can happen over time), 
and we should all be grateful that this is made clear to us. But more important than
finding the culprit is to make sure that it does not happen again.

I see a few steps:

1. The following docs are incomplete (or not well suited to help
    the developer who is going to write c++ code):


- I remember some C++ style guidlelines in the early days, but I cannot find
  these anymore. 
 * These guidelines should make it clear that ADMB types like ivector should 
   be used whenever possible.
 * All the tricks that Dave explains in his emails (like how to call 
    a C function that expects an int [] with an ivector) should go into
   the styles. These tricks are worth their weight in gold because
   they are ADMB specific, and do not appear in any C++ book.

  If I am wrong, please correct me. Otherwise I will put this issue into Redmine where
  it belongs.

2. We should have buildbot run valgrind on all examples (I am not an valgrind expert).
    I see in an earlier email that Johnoel is saying something along these lines,
   but I am not sure what the status is.



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>How many beers will the culprit be required to shout at the developer
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>One of the nice features of svn.

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