[Developers] OpenMPI: The role of "-master"

Hans J. Skaug Hans.Skaug at math.uib.no
Thu Jan 12 00:58:55 PST 2012

Dave or Derek,

I am compiling "para.tpl" which is a test program Kasper, Anders and I are using.
Can you confirm my understanding of how the parallelisation apprpach works,
in particular the role of the command line argument "-master" given to "para".

Is the following right:
- A program compiled with Derek's trunk can be run both using mpi and in ordinary
  mode. It is "-master" that determines which mode.
- What does  "-master" do from the user perspective? How many
  slaves are chosen, is it possible to manually determine the number of slaves?
- ADMB uses dynamic linking so the environment variable "LD_LIBRARY_PATH"
     plays no role in running the .exe?


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