[Developers] bug that caused -gh option to fail in some models. + make verify

Hans J. Skaug Hans.Skaug at math.uib.no
Fri Mar 22 11:22:05 PDT 2013


When I updated the trunk to make this
simple change I found that it was already done. Good!

However, our "make verify" does not invoke the "-gh" option,
and non of our current tests are appropriate. Can somebody 
add the following to exampels to our test suite:

admb-trunk/examples/admb-re/ pheno

(Two tests are needed because -gh will call different underlying codes).

Each of this should be called with and without "-gh 10" in the make file.


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>Subject: [Developers] bug that caused -gh option to fail in some models.
>In df1b2lp10.cpp around line 19 in function
>void test_smartlist::reset(void)
>change SEEK_CUR to SEEK_SET
>void test_smartlist::reset(void)
>   bptr=buffer;
>   eof_flag=0;
>   /*off_t pos=*/lseek(fp,0L,SEEK_SET);
>   written_flag=0;
>   end_saved=0;
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