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Jim Ianelli - NOAA Federal jim.ianelli at noaa.gov
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Excellent indeed!

And for gunner students of this game (wish I was one of those) the next
assignment is to extend this to work for ragged arrays...or maybe Steve the
gunner already did that?

I ask because a project I'm involved with could use the LUP facility right
away but would also need it for init_bounded_number_vectors etc...


On Sat, Jan 18, 2014 at 2:03 AM, Arni Magnusson <arnima at hafro.is> wrote:

> Excellent.
> ADMB version r1509 proudly presents the LUP vector. A new overloaded
> function init_bounded_number(LUP) that accepts as an argument a vector of
> length 3 that specifies the lower bound, upper bound, and phase.
> As the rest of us were getting excited about pseudocode and issue tickets
> Dave ended the discussion by just writing the code... Steve Martell then
> committed the code to the trunk (r1509).
> I have created a Plone directory dedicated to this development at
> http://admb-project.org/developers/ctl
> It currently contains three models (example, pella, pella2) that
> demonstrate the new capability. As advertised, the code shrinks and
> simplifies considerably. In pella2, the control file is now LUP instead of
> PLUI, so the initial values are set in a .pin file. One could of course
> specify the initial values at the bottom of the control file, or put
> everything in the .dat file, like John Sibert mentioned.
> I hope the http://admb-project.org/developers/ctl directory will
> encourage developers to test and upload new ideas about further
> improvements of the control file functionality in ADMB. John's XML idea
> could be valuable, also to establish a general interface to external
> programs or data servers. ADMB can handle big data, right?
> Arni
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