[ADMB Users] Benchmarks

Arni Magnusson arnima at hafro.is
Wed Dec 10 09:31:43 PST 2008

Holy Moly. Jan Jaap is right; the linux64 model in my benchmarks is only 
using one core, just like the win32 models. I misinterpreted what 100% 
CPU load means, as reported by the 'top' utility, but now I'm certain 
it's just using one core.

This makes the linux64 performance twice as impressive. What could be 
the main reason for such a speed difference between my linux64 and win32 

Maybe someone with a win32/linux32 dual boot machine could run similar 
benchmarks, to see whether the main reason is win vs. linux. Otherwise, 
the main reason might be 32 vs. 64 bits. A win64/linux64 dual boot 
benchmark would also be useful here.

The similar performance of win32-gcc345 and win32-gcc432 implies that 
gcc3* vs. gcc4* is not relevant.


P.S. I've also run simple benchmarks in R and my own test.cpp to compare 
the performance in Windows XP vs. Kubuntu 8.04-64, where linux64 shows a 
similar performance advantage as in the ADMB benchmarks. ADMB users 
would benefit from knowing whether the reason is win-linux or 32-64.

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