[ADMB Users] bug in file f1b2vc1

Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Fri Aug 7 18:04:19 PDT 2009

  Yes, but: because these functions are all defined already in the
df1b2s library, one gets lots of "previously defined" errors.  If
I delete the -ldf1b2s flags from the compile statement:

g++ -s  -L/usr/local/src/admb/lib mccoypred5.o -ladmod -ladt -lado -o

  then I get lots of stuff missing because there are many functions
in libdf1bs.a other than the new functions in f1b2vc1.cpp ...

   Still trying to figure out the build process ...


dave fournier wrote:
> Sorry I thought it was clear what to do.
> Just as before with the pow function you simply include the file
> f1b2vc1.cpp into the GLOBALS_SECTION. You will have to add 2 spaces at
> the beginning of each line because tpl2rem wants that. That's it!

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