[ADMB Users] issue with the Windows (32-bit) for Borland 5.5.1 download

Katie Drew kdrew at rsmas.miami.edu
Thu Feb 12 12:11:01 PST 2009


Yesterday (Feb. 11th, 2009), I downloaded and installed the ADMB zip for
Windows (32-bit) w/ Borland 5.5.1 compiler. I followed the instructions
(http://admb-project.org/documentation/admb-installation-borland) and was
able to get the "make" examples verification to run, but when I tried to
run an example by hand, using the command "makeadm simple" (as instructed
by the manual), execution failed when the compiler couldn't find the
library orl32.lib.

I was able to trace this back to differences in the .bat files. The ADMB
bin folder contains both a makadmb.bat file (which the Makefile calls) and
a makeadm.bat (which the manual says to use).

tpl2cpp %1
call mybcc %1
call lnkadmb %1

tpl2cpp %1
bcc32 -O2 -5 -H -DDOS386;OPT_LIB -I. -f %1.cpp admod32.lib orl32.lib

I don't know if this is a bug or a feature, but it might save other people
some time if the .bat files were named consistently, or if this was noted
in the instructions.

Thank you,
Katie Drew

Katherine A. Drew
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