[ADMB Users] Installation of admb-re

Bill Gazey bill at gazey.com
Thu Mar 19 15:49:28 PDT 2009

To start I am not an experienced admb user or very familial with c++

I downloaded admb with Borland.  The ordinary admb examples work OK but I can not get the admb-re version to work.  I note that admb bat files are not present in the bin directory, e.g., the command "admb -re simple" can not be used as discussed in the manual.

I created a random effects model (tpl) and used the following commands:
tpl2rem file  -- seems to work OK, created file.cpp
mybcc file  -- seems to work OK, created file.obj with no errors
lnkadmb file -- many errors of the sort "Error: Unresolved external 'df1b2vector::~df1b2vector' referenced from ..."

It looks like I am not linking to the required libraries? 

Any help appreciated.

Bill Gazey
W.J. Gazey Research
1214 Camas Court
Victoria, BC  V8X 4R1
Email:  bill at gazey.com
tel:     (250) 727-6992
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