[ADMB Users] Mixed effects on linux

Stig B. Mortensen sbm at imm.dtu.dk
Sat May 30 03:34:51 PDT 2009


How do you run mixed effect models on linux with admb-re? When I look in 
the in the manual for the mixed effects module it says that I should be 
able to run a command like
$ admb -re simple
but when I look in ~/admb/bin there is no file called admb? Does the 
manual only apply to windows or am I missing a file?

I am new to admb and would just like a hello-world example with the 
mixed models to get started.

I have downloaded the admb-9.0.202-linux64-gcc4.2.4.zip  file and are 
able to run the catage example by writing
$ tpl2cpp catage
$ mygcco catage
and the running it by ./catage. I don't know how this relates to the 
command "admb -re" that should run the mixed effects models..?


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