[ADMB Users] *another* R/admb interface ...

Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Fri Nov 27 18:12:42 PST 2009

   Another R interface for ADMB (called R2admb) is available; it's a bit
different from PBSadmb, much more minimal -- no GUI, etc., more
along the mold of other R interfaces such as R2WinBUGS or R2jags, with a
function for calling ADMB and returning the results as an object of
class "admb", and print/coef/summary accessors etc. R2admb is available
from r-forge [install.packages("R2adbm",
-- it is definitely in "alpha" status (not as polished as PBSadmb),
feedback is welcome.

    Ben Bolker

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