[ADMB Users] question on memory allocation in AD Model builder

Che, Hai haiche at marshall.usc.edu
Thu Oct 1 12:21:40 PDT 2009

Dear fellow users,


I have a question regarding (possibly) the memory allocation issue in AD
Model Builder. I have a fairly large problem (dynamic programming) that
I am working on. After debugging the code and starting running the code,
ADMB finished 1 iteration and then provides the following error message:


starting calcs

Interpolating regression estimated

ending calcs

Incompatible array sizes in void
dvector::save_dvector_derivatives(BOR_CONST dvar_vector_position& pos)

 Error trying to allocate memory for dvector


In the command line, I used option "-ams 600000000 -gbs 9000000000 -cbs
900000000"  to allocate memory. 


I also debugged the above code again in Turbo Debugger, and after doing
a stack trace, it does not point to anywhere in my code. That's why I
consider this could be a memory allocation issue. But I could be wrong.
Could you help me interpreting the above error message line, esp the
last 2 lines?


Thanks a lot. 




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