[ADMB Users] a glitch (?) between ADMB-IDE and Windows 7 (64-bit)

Saang-Yoon shyunuw at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 14:14:00 PDT 2010

Dear ADMB users.

I have some glitch in running an ADMB program (ADMB-IDE) with my new
machine (Windows 7 Professional; 64-bit), which I had never had with
an old machine (Windows XP).   When I apply an executable file (say,
xxx.exe) to a data set (say, yyy.dat): i.e., xxx -ind yyy.dat
the execution is not made at first time (sometimes it is).   Thus, I
had to do the execution again (i.e., typed the line again).

I wonder about whether others have this kind of problem, and if so,
how do you get around it for a permanent solution?

Thank you,


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