[ADMB Users] ADMB workshop in Copenhagen 21-25 Feb 2011

Arni Magnusson arnima at hafro.is
Thu Dec 16 17:23:45 PST 2010

Hi all,

Anders Nielsen and I will be giving a workshop on "AD Model Builder and 
Stock Assessment" at the ICES headquarters in Copenhagen, 21-25 February 

I encourage you to sign up and participate, and/or forward this email to 
colleagues that may be interested.


This will be an unusually thorough workshop, where we will cover a range 
of topics:

   simple models
   linear regression
   biomass-dynamic models
   statistical catch-at-age models
   Bayesian priors and MCMC
   linear mixed effects
   state-space models

Anders has recently implemented a state-space model that is being used in 
ICES assessments of Baltic cod stocks. This model and its features will be 
form the main point of discussion towards the end of the workshop. The 
workshop is both for ADMB beginners and long-time users.


ICES is organizing the workshop, but is now accepting registrations from 
outside ICES, to fill up the remaining seats. The registration deadline 
will shift accordingly, from 20 Dec to around New Year's.

Best regards,



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