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Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Mon Jan 4 10:55:06 PST 2010

  "Non-trivial" would be the word I would use for an awk script (if not
"nightmare" ...).  Among other things, WinBUGS is "non-causal" -- the
relationships among variables can be defined in any order ... (Of course
I'd be happy to be proved wrong.)

  Closer to the realm of possibility is to translate a formula-specified
mixed model (from, say, R) to both WinBUGS (as is done by the glmmBUGS
package) and ADMB.  I second Hans Skaug's opinion that a simple worked
example would be a great starting point (not sure exactly when I will
get around to it though ...)


John Sibert wrote:
> Without knowing anything about WinBUGS, I'm guessing it would not be too 
> hard to write an awk script to convert a WinBUGS program to ADMB. But 
> this might be my first really dumb idea of the new decade.
> John
> H. Skaug wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I cannot comment on running ADMB under Mac, but I would like
>> to point out that a step-by-step instruction for how to migrate
>> a WinBUGS program to ADMB would be very useful to have.
>> If anybody is willing upload such a description on their webpage
>> we can link it in through Examples.
>> Hans
>>> Hello,
>>> I would like to try ADMB as an alternative to WinBUGS. I'm glad to see that
>>> the software is now available on Mac. I have downloaded it, and I have a
>>> very dummy question: now what do I do? Where is the program, or where is the
>>> xcode project?
>>> Thanks for help!
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>>> Grimsö Wildlife Research Station
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