[ADMB Users] The current status of BUGS

Allan Hicks Allan.Hicks at noaa.gov
Wed Jun 16 12:36:03 PDT 2010

Although I have not used it, I have noticed people using JAGS (Just 
Another Gibbs Sampler).  It is similar to BUGS and its most recent 
release was on May 12, 2010.  I am not sure of much else, but it appears 
to have Windows, Linux, and Max OS distributions.


Given that BUGS and JAGS have a similar coding style, I imagine that 
Mark's article on converting WinBUGS to ADMB could be used to guide 
someone in converting JAGS to ADMB.


Arni Magnusson wrote:
> After reading Mark's excellent article "Converting WinBUGS into ADMB", 
> I decided to explore the history and current status of BUGS. I guess 
> many ADMB users might be equally curious, so here's a summary.
> 1989 - BUGS created at Cambridge University, with David Spiegelhalter 
> as the designer and Andrew Thomas as main programmer
> 1996 - Nicky Best migrates from Cambridge to Imperial College and 
> leads a team that creates WinBUGS
> 2004 - Andrew Thomas (original BUGS programmer) migrates to University 
> of Helsinki and creates OpenBUGS
> After the Helsinki fork, WinBUGS and OpenBUGS gradually diverged, each 
> introducing features not found in the other. Recently a consensus was 
> reached in the BUGS developer community to focus all development on 
> OpenBUGS.
> The original BUGS is frozen at version 0.6 (1997), the current version 
> of WinBUGS is 1.4.3 (2007), and OpenBUGS is at 3.1.0 (2010). OpenBUGS 
> runs the example suite at a similar speed as WinBUGS. OpenBUGS is 
> written in Component Pascal and is a native Windows program that can 
> be run inside Wine on Linux.
> In short, WinBUGS will be left behind and OpenBUGS is the flavor of 
> today and tomorrow.
> Arni
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