[ADMB Users] -mcr?

Mark Maunder mmaunder at iattc.org
Mon Jun 21 15:50:08 PDT 2010

Does anyone know how to use the -mcr command line option to resume a
MCMc run? Our understanding based on the manual is that the -mcr command
should allow an MCMC run to be re-started from where it left off (i.e.
if I've just run 100,000 simulations and then discover that I need
500,000, I can restart the run from the 100,000th simulation rather than
starting again from scratch). Is that the correct interpretation, or is
the command rather designed to restart an MCMC run that has been paused

If the first interpretation is correct, then what would be the
appropriate command? For example, if I've just run

filename -mcmc 100000 -mcsave 100

How do I run the additional simulations? filename - mcmc 400000 -mcsave
100 -mcr is apparently not the right answer.

Many thanks indeed for your help on this

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