[ADMB Users] Environment Variables Issue?

Arni Magnusson arnima at hafro.is
Mon Jun 28 15:45:37 PDT 2010

> In User Variables, I have
> ADMB_HOME         c:\ADMB\gcc440
> HOME              c:\~
> INCLUDE           c:\admb\gcc440
> LIB               c:\admb\gcc440
> PATH              c:\admb\gcc440\bin; c:\gnu\gcc\bin; c:\gnu\gdb\bin;
> c:\gnu\emacs\bin

The INCLUDE and LIB variables are unnecessary and should not be defined. 
Probably not the root of the problem, but I recommend leaving them 

AD Model Builder with GCC requires only two env variables, ADMB_HOME and 
PATH, and ADMB-IDE needs a third variable HOME. The ADMB-IDE installer 
tries to set these three variables, and the values you list above look 

If you can translate simple.tpl to simple.cpp and simple.htp, then at 
least tpl2cpp is working. It sounds like you are unable to build 
simple.exe out of simple.cpp and simple.htp. The first test, then, is to 
check whether GCC is able to build hello.exe out of hello.cpp.

Create c:/hello/hello.cpp from 
http://helloworldsite.he.funpic.de/hello.htm#C++-ISO, open a Dos shell, 
navigate to c:/hello, and run Test #1:

   g++ -s -static -Wall hello.cpp -o hello

If your setup passes this first test and creates a healthy hello.exe, then 
GCC is working. The next test is to copy simple.tpl and simple.dat to 
directory c:/simple, open a Dos shell, navigate to c:/simple, and run Test 

   admb simple

If your setup passes this second test and creates a healthy simple.exe, 
then ADMB is working and the problem is either ADMB-IDE or a 
misunderstanding of how it works. Before we go there, it would be great if 
you can run these two tests to narrow the search.


P.S. Many beginning users can benefit from this discussion. You made a 
good effort reading through old messages on the mailing list, but luckily 
Ian Taylor has taken the initiative and is preparing an ADMB FAQ, where 
previous help-related discussions will be archived in an organized way 
that's easy to browse. An alpha version is already on the web in a secret 

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