[ADMB Users] non-convergence and "inner maxg = 0"

Ian Fiske ianfiske at gmail.com
Sat Mar 20 11:44:11 PDT 2010

Thanks Mark and Dave for the tips about parameterizing std dev.  My
optimization problem seems to be working, recovering parameters from
the simulated model quite well!

> Finally don't tell us how good ADMB is for some problems. Tell the ordinary users on the R list.
> We already know and they will never hear it from the "experts" there.

It seems like more people from the R crowd are getting ready to take
the leap towards trying to harness ADMB's power -- there's a proposal
for Google's Summer of Code 2010 for establishing better interfaces
between either R and either ADMB or CppAD.  The summary is at
 It looks like they are already connected to the cppAD group -- is
anyone here in touch with them about ADMB?


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