[ADMB Users] glmmADMB; offset

H. Skaug hskaug at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 08:11:21 PST 2010

Ben and Myles,

I looked into the details. Offset is in fact implemented (but
somewhat confusingly different versions of nbmm.tpl
are floating around). The (non-standard) syntax is:

nswoc$os = log(nswoc$stn)


>  I think you need to specify the offset parameter by name:
> fit=glmm.admb(y~yr,random=~1,group="route",data=nswoc,family="nbinom",offset=offset(log(stn)))
>  otherwise R's default behavior is to assign the next argument to the
> first unspecified argument -- in this case that would be the 'link'
> argument (don't know why you wouldn't be getting an error in this case,
> but ...)
>  If that doesn't help, could you please post a reproducible example?
> e.g. a small subset of your data, or a made-up example?

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