[ADMB Users] apple version sucks.

dave fournier otter at otter-rsch.com
Sun Nov 21 03:03:31 PST 2010

Ben Bolker wrote:

I can get it to run for me, but most mac users don;t know much
and if it doesn;t just work out of the box it is a big pain in the
ass to get them up and running. I mean trying to ocnvince someone
the ADMB is a good solution for them doesn't go very far when they
can't even install it so that it works. I think that on snow leopard
we should but it in the users home directory say /Users/idiot
leave its name the same but make a symbolic link to /Users/idiot/admb
append the following two commands

export ADMB_HOME=/Users/idiot/admb
export PATH=${ADMB_HOME}/bin:${PATH}

to /Users/idiot/.profile

make sure the file permissions are correct and we can use admb from
any terminal.  rationalize all the programs in admb/bin
make sure it knows whether to compile for 32 or 64 bit
put in a little apple specific README file  That would be a start.

> On 10-11-20 08:01 PM, dave fournier wrote:
>> why do we pretend to support apple. the apple version sucks.  we should
>> get rid of it or fix it.
>> ________________________________
>   Can you be more specific?  Slow, crashy, ... ?  I haven't tried it but
> am curious.
>   Ben Bolker

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