[ADMB Users] After install ADMB-ide-440-2, 'admb' is not recognized ....

Arni Magnusson arnima at hafro.is
Mon Nov 29 15:25:47 PST 2010

It turns out that the limited-user-account problem had already been 
diagnosed (problem setting env vars) and solved (set env vars after 
installation) in a previous discussion on the User List:


I have added a couple of sentences to the ADMB-IDE manual about limited 
user accounts (just uploaded the revised manual to 
and Ian Taylor is also reorganizing the FAQ entries to make the current 
and previous discussions easy to find.


On Mon, 29 Nov 2010, Saang-Yoon wrote:

> Arni, Ian, and Ben.
> Thank you all very much for your help and time. I did everything of your 
> suggestions.
> Finally I conclude that this problem is related to a full access issue 
> (e.g., Administrator account (full authority), other account with 
> limited authority, etc).  The reason why I came up with the conclusion 
> was a difference in PATH between "inside Environment Variables" and 
> "echo %PATH%".  I surely found that PATH inside Environmental Variables 
> is writted as follows. 
> c:/ADMB/gcc440/bin;c:/gnu/gcc440/bin;c:/gnu/GDB/bin;c:/gnu/EMACS/bin But 
> in response to "echo %PATH%", the above ADMB path stuff is not shown.
> This difference seems to be due to limited authority account of mine.
> Again thank you very much for your advice.
> Saang-Yoon

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