[ADMB Users] exit codes and likelihood profile vectors

dave fournier davef at otter-rsch.com
Thu Oct 7 12:50:19 PDT 2010

ADMB works by putting objects on lists.   At the time it was done
stupidly to get things done quickly.  The likeprof types are put on
a static array likeprofptr which can only hold 50 items with the present 
It does not check this value so you are walking out of this static array.
It is at the top of the file mod_prof.cpp

  likeprof_params * likeprof_params::likeprofptr[50]; // this should be
                                                  // a resizeable array

To get you model to work a quick fix is to change this to something 
bigger say 500.
you will also need to change the declaration in admodel.h.

Of  course anyone is welcome to fix this properly. Isn't open source 

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