[ADMB Users] element_div (or element_prod) within the function

Saang-Yoon shyunuw at gmail.com
Fri Oct 15 13:56:56 PDT 2010


I wonder about whether "element_prod" or "element_div" can be directly
used again within the function.  For example,

  C=element_prod(element_div(F,(F+M)), element_prod( (1-exp(-(F+M))),
N) );
  Cr=element_prod( (element_div(Fr,(Fr+Mr))), Nr);

where F, M, and N are matrices, and Cr, Fr, Mr, and Nr are vectors.
I put these above lines under PROCEDURE_SECTION.  Error messages after
compile and link were related to these above lines.

Thank you.


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