[ADMB Users] Perhaps I can be of help?

bigA jaguar.smart at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 18:57:38 PDT 2011

This is an interesting point. It really highlights that not all admb users
with Mac's use Mac's because they like *nix.  I agree with Mollie that
perhaps better documentation on how admb integrates with unix and MacOSX may
be appropriate.  I can easily understand how people who use MacOSX as a
modern commercially supported Unix wouldn't find installing admb into
/usr/local odd or suprising. However, many MacOSX users don't view MacOSX as
unix. I would happily help write the documentation; however I am just a
lowly Linux user and I don't know what directories are hidden in MacOSX. Nor
do I know the installation procedure for MacOSX; I built admb from source on
a Mac once but that doesn't count.  I certainly appreciate Mollie's
frustration and don't think it should be too hard to improve the MacOSX
documentation. Let me know if I can be any help.

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