[ADMB Users] Need to increase the maximum number of dlinks

Ian Taylor Ian.Taylor at noaa.gov
Tue Apr 19 10:14:16 PDT 2011

I've added the following two items to the ADMB FAQ which can be linked
directly as



If anyone has a suggestion for a revision or additional items, let me know.


Is the ADMB source code available?

Yes. You can download all source files for the latest release of ADMB from
http://admb-project.org/downloads. Or you can check out the latest
development version of the source code using the information here
e> . To learn about keeping synchronized with the development code, you may
want to read about Subversion (SVN) <http://subversion.apache.org/> .

Can I build ADMB directly from the source code?

Yes. There are instructions in the README file included with the source
code. It has been suggested
c09/f4a2e50e0f040a41?lnk=gst>  (at least for those familiar with the
compiling process) that "if you experience a strange crash recompile and get
a coffee before you waste time thinking about it." Obviously the
determination of what constitutes "strange" may be somewhat subjective.



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