[ADMB Users] make install in ADMB 10.1 in Linux

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Tue Apr 26 09:05:52 PDT 2011

In general, there is a script that makes admb available by default.  Some of the components are not available globaly but the main admb  script is.
Every system is slightly different,  but unless your users want adcomp and adlink  it should work out of the box.  Before creating any links, did you try to run admb as a user?

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I have been installing ADMB 10.1 from source on a number of 64 bit
machines and was quite impressed with how easy it was to compile and

I would like to know if there is any special reason why the install
step does not create links to the files inside admb/bin at
/usr/locl/bin so they are found by all sessions and applications. I am
manually linking admb and tpl2cpp, but maybe this could be done by
make install


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