[ADMB Users] Volunteer needed: ADMB, Windows & R user

Mollie Brooks mbrooks at ufl.edu
Wed Aug 24 10:28:33 PDT 2011

Hi ADMB Community,

You may have heard about the R package R2admb by Ben Bolker which runs ADMB from R. I am doing a lot of work using this package and would like for it to be usable by anyone who wants it (e.g. collaborators). So far it works on Mac and Linux operating systems. On Windows computers, it will write the .dat and .pin files and read the output, but it won't run ADMB. 

Ben is looking for someone to help him debug the package on a Windows computer because he doesn't have ADMB running on a Windows computer. We are looking for a volunteer who already uses ADMB in Windows and has experience with R also. This would involve trying to use functions in R2admb on your computer and telling Ben what goes wrong.


P.S. you can install the latest version with this R command

Mollie Brooks
Ph.D. Candidate
Biology Department
University of Florida
mbrooks at ufl.edu

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