[ADMB Users] Mac OS X.5/X.6 issues

Ben Bolker bbolker at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 17:28:40 PST 2011

   Some glmmADMB users have been having a problem lately running the
glmmADMB binaries built on the buildbot, specifically getting the error:

    dyld: unknown required load command 0x80000022

  It would be helpful to me to get a poll of MacOS users, especially
from a sample running various OS versions (especially OS X.5 vs X.6), of
the results from the following experiment:

 1. Download the following two files:



  (i.e., by pasting them into the address bar of a browser)

 2. Open a Terminal, go to wherever you downloaded them: typically

   cd ~/Downloads

 3. change the permissions so you can run them:

   chmod 755 glmmadmb*

 4. run them both:


5.  Check your system version:

   uname -a

  If everything works you should get an error message something like:

Error trying to open data input file [...]
 Error trying to read in model data
 This is usual caused by a missing DAT file

  If it is *not* working you will instead get an error with "dyld" in
it.  (I don't know what you'll get if you try to run a 64-bit binary on
a 32-bit system; I can run them both on my 64-bit machine.)

  I would guess that the same problem would apply to the binaries at
http://admb-project.org/downloads/ ; I would be interested to hear if
the ADMB binaries but not the glmmADMB binaries work for someone (or
vice versa).

    Ben Bolker
    bbolker at gmail.com

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