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One thing we need to make sure is that we go through all the steps to add some code to the codebase. Including getting the source code, changing the source code, commenting the source code, documenting the source code, testing the source code, submitting the source code.

Related to this is how to create a function (passing and receiving arguments), overloading functions so they work with multiple variable types, .... 

I also think we should go over creating, using, and distributing your own libraries, which might be the initial testing bed and distribution of code before it gets accepted to the base code

Finally, we need to discuss the process of how to decide on what code gets accepted into the base code.

An ambitions, but perhaps useful task might be to add a PRIORS_SECTION to ADMB so that priors can be added to any estimated or derived parameter
(I know that this does not add much, but it would provide more structure to the code and could clarify things for new users). 


  init_vector ln_a
  init_number ln_b
  vector a
  number b


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Apologies for duplicate posting.

I'm pleased to announced that we have finally been able to organize our 
first ADMB Developers' Workshop. It will be held at the National Center 
for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis in Santa Barbara, California, June 
20 - 23, 2011. We also have limited funding available to assist with 
travel and participation.

At this point, the workshop agenda and format are completely open. Some 
of the topics that have been suggested include writing adjoint code, 
parallelization, R interfaces, installation packages, ... . Others have 
suggested breaking into small groups to implement specific features (but 
which ones).

So my purpose in writing to invite you to participate, to solicit 
suggestions for workshop topics, and to find the names of others who 
might make a substantive contribution to the proceedings.


John Sibert
Emeritus Researcher, SOEST
University of Hawaii at Manoa

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