[ADMB Users] Understanding returned output from R glmm.admb

dave fournier davef at otter-rsch.com
Sun Jan 16 09:06:00 PST 2011

It is now possible to get the R source files for glmmADMB from Rforge.
Looking in glmm.admb.R
I see

   tmpu <- table(data[[group]])
   tmpu[] <- 1:length(tmpu)
   tmpI <- tmpu[as.character(data[[group]])]
   data <- data[order(tmpI),]

I think this is the sort part of the code.
It should be possible to make a vector of the same length as the number 
of observations
and fill it from 1 to nobs and sort it the same way and print it out 
ands that should do the job for
you. (I leave that to R programmers)

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