[ADMB Users] gradfil1.tmp

Mollie Brooks mbrooks at ufl.edu
Mon Jan 31 15:10:35 PST 2011

Nevermind. It wasn't using all the space I allocated because I didn't  
tell it to. Mark told me to use the command line
-gbs and after some trial and error, that fixed the problem. It's been  
running 10 minutes and there are no .tmp files yet.

On 31-Jan-11, at 3:46 PM, Mollie Brooks wrote:

> Hi ADMB users,
> I am running my job on a cluster. I request a certain amount of  
> space on the cluster for a job and there's a website that keeps  
> track of the % of that space I'm using and gets updated  
> approximately every 30 seconds. My use of the space goes to 100% and  
> then gradfil1.tmp starts to fill up. Then my memory use drops to 30  
> to 50% and gradfil1.tmp continues to get bigger. This seems strange  
> to me because I thought gradfil1.tmp would only get bigger if there  
> was no available memory. I don't think this is just an issue of  
> incongruent times of updating memory stats because I can see a  
> continuous trend of it using less of the allocated memory and more  
> of gradfil1.tmp. Am I misunderstanding something?
> thanks,
> Mollie
> P.S. I am using version 10.0 in Linux.
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