[ADMB Users] df1b2variable/prevariable operator

Mollie Brooks mbrooks at ufl.edu
Mon Jul 11 10:48:41 PDT 2011

There seems to be no operator defined for dividing a df1b2variable by a prevariable. Should I create a new df1b2variable and set it equal to the prevariable denominator? 

Will this operator eventially get defined? Should I add it as a feature request?


This is the function I'm trying to write:

df1b2variable Michaelis_Menten1(const double& x,  const df1b2variable& a,  const prevariable& b)
	df1b2variable y;

    return (y);
When I try to use it, I get the following error

 In function 'df1b2variable Michaelis_Menten1(const double&, const df1b2variable&, const prevariable&)':
./Michaelis_Menten1.cpp:62: error: no match for 'operator/' in 'operator*(const df1b2variable&, double)(x) / operator+(((const prevariable&)((const prevariable*)b)), x)

I believe the relevant candidates are:

df1b2variable operator/(double, const df1b2variable&)
df1b2variable operator/(const df1b2variable&, double)
df1b2variable operator/(const df1b2variable&, const df1b2variable&)

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