[ADMB Users] Enquiry on ADMB 10.0

Mark Maunder mmaunder at iattc.org
Mon Jul 11 20:23:31 PDT 2011

See Richards question below

When I use ADMB ver 5.01, I can transform my .tpl file to .cpp using tpl2cpp.exe and then compile my code in VS6 and run/debug my code in Visual Studio environment. To try a newer version of ADMB, I have downloaded and installed ADMB 10.0 and also have Visual Studio 10 on my machine. Using the admb.bat provided with the ADMB, I managed to compile the release executable, but I got link errors about lib conflict between LIBCMT.lib and LIBCMTD.lib when I tried to compile the debug executable. The most important thing is I cannot compile and debug my code in the Visual Studio environment.

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