[ADMB Users] need account

Ian Taylor Ian.Taylor at noaa.gov
Tue Jul 12 14:04:01 PDT 2011

Hi Hilary,

I don't know why the page is now less accessible, but the need for better
installation info has been discussed. The contents of that page are pasted
below. Note that the "Using ADMB on linux" page linked within does not
require any login.




Linux uses the GNU open source compiler gcc.  This compiler can be used to
build ADMB programs.  Below shows the procedure to install and configure
ADMB in Linux.

Note: a bit more information is also available in the brief Using ADMB on
x>  tutorial.


1.       Download and extract ADMB Linux binaries from
<http://admb-project.org/documentation/downloads>  .

2.       Open a bash shell, change to extracted Linux ADMB Home directory,
then type the following commands . 

#Change to ADMB folder.
$ cd ~/admb
# Sets ADMB Home directory.
$ export ADMB_HOME=~/admb
# Adds ADMB bin to $PATH
$ export PATH=$ADMB_HOME/bin:$PATH

3.       Change into ADMB Home directory, then run examples for

$ chmod -R u+w examples
$ make

4.       The screen shot output.

Description: admb-linux-output


Please email users at admb-project.org for any problems with the procedure






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> Hello,


> I am trying to install admb on a debian linux system. I downloaded the

> manual (admb-10.0-rev1.pdf) and in section 1.2 Installing the software it

> directs me to  <http://admb-project/documentation/installation>
http://admb-project/documentation/installation. However,

> that page requires a login and I can't find any place on the admb site to

> a user account.


> Thanks for your help,

> Hilary





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