[ADMB Users] df1b2variable operator - ( ) not for double value

Weihai Liu liuweih at msu.edu
Fri Jul 15 12:23:08 PDT 2011

Hi there,

One of our postdr here raised a question lately, in his model, he want to
use  df1b2variable operator - (const df1b2variable& x,double y); and I found
out these being commented out in df1b2fun.h,
//df1b2variable operator - (double x, const df1b2variable& y);
//df1b2variable operator - (const df1b2variable& x, double y);

So is there anyone can explain why these are being commented out and not
being implemented in admb,  if it was just forgot, then I will
first uncomment out the above two lines in df1b2fun.h, then add the
following two inline functions after that in the same file , these basically
called one of already defined operator+().

inline df1b2variable operator - (double x, const df1b2variable& y) {return
inline df1b2variable operator - (const df1b2variable& x,double y) {return

This update was build fine on my side, and I don't have writable access to
svn, so someone will help on this. Thanks

Weihai Liu
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Department of Fisheries & Wildlife
Michigan State University
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