[ADMB Users] seamless ADMB install on Ubuntu Lucid

Daniel Ricard ricardd at mathstat.dal.ca
Wed Jun 15 11:52:13 PDT 2011

It can be a thankless job being a software developer since fixing 
problems is usually when users get in touch. I have had no personal 
contributions to the development of ADMB and am speaking from an end 
user point of view.

So to break tradition, I would like to thank everyone involved in ADMB 
development for the fact that I successfully installed the software on a 
Linux Ubuntu Lucid 10.4 LTS, without a single hitch, with three command 
invocations at the shell prompt. This is quite a different install 
experience from others I had since first installing ADMB while working 
in a marine research lab 10 years ago.

Thanks again for the important hard work to all developers and 
contributors in making ADMB a more accessible software to all 
practitioners using it for scientific analyses.

All the best.


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