[ADMB Users] FW: less-than issue in ADMB-RE? (probably boneheaded)

dave fournier davef at otter-rsch.com
Thu May 26 17:22:02 PDT 2011

You know when you want to park in a parking lot and several cars are 
parked incorrectly
so you have to park incorrectly. Then they all leave and you are left 
looking like an idiot
parked across two lines in an empty parking lot.

I originally implemented the comparison for dvariable type stuff, but as 
C+ compilers developed
they kept changing the function matching rules so that one would would 
errors over ambiguous matches
to several functions.  then the code gets filled with ever increasing 
conditions for different compilers.

I decided it was easier to just use the value function for comparison.  
Now the compilers are pretty
well standardized i.e. the other cars are gone.

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