[ADMB Users] something suspicious in my TPL codes (semi-implicit)

Saang-Yoon shyunuw at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 14:52:44 PDT 2012

Dr. Fournier.
Your help and advice are more than great!!!   Based on your tips, I
modified a little: e.g.,

  init_bounded_number log_avg_F(-5.0,0.4,6);   //instead of
init_number log_avg_F

  int nsteps=8;   //increasing the nsteps more

Then, the estimation is successful and the results all are
reasonable.   Thank you VERY MUCH.  Best Wishes.

On Apr 1, 4:55 pm, dave fournier <da... at otter-rsch.com> wrote:
> This looks bad to me.
>   //Ft
>    for(i=1;i<=nyrs;i++)
>      Ft(i)=Ft(i)*exp(F_devs(i));
> I think you should have something like
>     init_number log_avg_F
>   //Ft
>    for(i=1;i<=nyrs;i++)
>      Ft(i)=exp(log_avf_F+F_devs(i));
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