[ADMB Users] How to use the mcr command?

Edgar Gonzalez edgarjgonzalez at ymail.com
Tue Aug 7 16:58:41 PDT 2012

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know how the -mcr command works? I've searched the web and couldn't find its use, apart from the vague:

-mcr resume previous mcmc
>I ran my code (which is not a random effects model) as:

program -mcmc 500000 -mcsave -1500
>which took about 8 days to run. My problem is that I can only run codes for 10 days and then they're automatically stopped. So I'll have to partition my mcmc run as I require 16 million steps (calculated from a previous diagnostics run).

Could anyone help me?

Thanks in advance,
Edgar J. González
Ecology Department
Science Faculty, UNAM
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