[ADMB Users] Problem compiling model containing separable functions - polio example

Steve Delean jsdelean at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 02:35:55 PDT 2012

Hi all,

I have recently upgraded to ADMB 11 under 64bit Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) and am 
not able to compile a state space model that previously worked fine with 
ADMB 10.1 on 32bit Ubuntu 10.04 (I upgraded to both the 64bit OS and the 
latest ADMB simultaneously so I am not sure which may be the problem).

I get exactly the same error message from my model (which contains two 
separable functions) as when trying to run the polio example, as follows:

admb -r polio.tpl -noinit

*** tpl2rem polio

*** adcomp -r polio
g++ -c -O3 -Wno-deprecated -D__GNUDOS__ -Dlinux -DOPT_LIB -DUSE_LAPLACE 
-fpermissive -I. -I"/home/sduofa/.admb"/include 
-I"/home/sduofa/.admb"/contrib polio.cpp

*** adlink -r polio
g++ -s -L"/home/sduofa/.admb"/lib -L"/home/sduofa/.admb"/contrib polio.o 
-ldf1b2o -ladmod -lcontribo -ladt -lado -ldf1b2o -ladmod -ladt -lado 
-lcontribo -o polio
`.text._ZN25funnel_init_df1b2variableD2Ev' referenced in section 
`.text._ZN25funnel_init_df1b2variableD1Ev[non-virtual thunk to 
funnel_init_df1b2variable::~funnel_init_df1b2variable()]' of 
/home/sduofa/.admb/lib/libdf1b2o.a(df1b2fnl.obj): defined in discarded 
of /home/sduofa/.admb/lib/libdf1b2o.a(df1b2fnl.obj)
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Error: could not create polio

Has anyone experienced this problem or able to help diagnose where the 
problem lies?

Many thanks for your time,

PS. Installed ADMB from admb-11-linux-gcc4.6-64bit.zip
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