[ADMB Users] Configure, make, and packaging

Arni Magnusson arnima at hafro.is
Thu Feb 2 16:10:23 PST 2012

Lately, the procedure of installing ADMB in Linux has been improving, 
thanks to the work of Johnoel Ancheta, mainly.

ADMB is reaching the point where formal packaging for distros (Debian, 
Gentoo, and Fedora families) seems feasible. At least three people have 
been working in this direction:

   Aaron (Debian package)
   Barak Pearlmutter (Debian package)
   Hugo Mildenberger (Gentoo package)

My understanding is that the difficult part is not the packaging itself, 
but modifying the build process (configure, make, environment variables, 
target directories, etc.) to conform to standard practices. Then 
easily-maintained packages for all distros will follow.

Making ADMB available as a standard package in Linux repositories is an 
important goal for the ADMB Project. If you feel you could contribute a 
jigsaw puzzle or two, send a message to developers at admb-project.org or 
contact Johnoel, Aaron, Barak, and Hugo directly. Their email addresses 
can be found by searching in 



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